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  1. Tatouage is...?
    Tatouage is a home decor product made of a high resolution dry rub transfer. It can be applied to almost any hard surface, especially walls. Tatouage is used without any fumes, glue, water, paint and especially without any mess! Back to top

  2. How Do I apply the Design?
    Once you have purchased and received your Tatouage Transfer Designs, you simply decide: 1. Where do you want to apply the Tatouage transfer design? 2. Make sure the surface or wall is clean. You may use a solution of 70% water to 30% white vinegar to prepare the surface. Make sure the wall is completely dry prior to application. Each design sheet comes in two pieces. The front sheet has the design printed on it and the second sheet is the protective backing. This protective backing prevents the design from sticking anywhere other than where you want it. Make sure to use a piece of tape to secure the protective backing to the design paper to ensure they stay together until time to apply the design. 3. Now, after you have laid out all the pieces, tape the design sheets in the desired location. 4. Once you have it in place with the transfer down color side up, slowly remove the protective backing. Now using the wooden stick, rub the design onto the hard surface, while peeling the transfer back very slowly. 5. Once you are through, you will have a masterpiece in minutes!It's truly is that simple!Back to top

  3. What is the best surface/paint to apply Tatouage to?
    Tatouage does not stick to a high gloss paint. It is best applied when used on a flat paint. If you have a satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss paint first prepare the surface using the water/vinegar mix. You may also use a light grain sandpaper on the surface you are applying the Tatouage to (make sure to wipe down your wall to remove the residue). Another technique that has been used is to spray the area lightly with a clear non-yellowing acrylic spray paint. It usually applies beautifully after this clear spray paint has dried. You may want to get a satin finish with the clear coat to prevent a shiny appearance. Back to top

  4. Is there a guarantee on the product?
    If any of the designs or individual sheets you receive are defective or damaged, or, if you experience difficulty in applying the transfers to a surface within a period of 30 days from receiving them, please return all the used components and unused transfers immediately. The factory endeavours to ensure the highest quality, they and we are more than happy to exchange defective, damaged or unused transfers or offer a prompt refund. However,due to the nature of this product, this return policy isn't offered once a transfer has been successfully applied to a surface.Back to top

  5. What do I do if the design isn't sticking to the wall or surface?
    The main reasons Tatouage would not be adhering to the wall or surface is due to something on the surface or in the paint on the wall. You may clean the surface prior to applying Tatouage. You can use a 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water mixture. Damp wipe this solution on with a sponge or rag. Please allow the surface at least 48 hours to dry prior to trying the Tatouage again. Some paints, even the newer flat paints, contain chemicals in them that make the paint easy to clean but that do not allow adhesive to adhere well. If this is the case, you may apply a clear coat paint over the area where you want to apply the Tatouage and allow it to dry for 48 hours. Make sure you get a clear paint that is non yellowing. Some examples are Krylon or Minwax clear polyacrylic. Back to top

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